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People always want something  from celebrities,  but when you are a
bartender in Los Angeles, celebrities want something from you - a drink!  
In my years as a drink slinger I have had many famous patrons: movie
stars, sports heroes, reality television participants, soap opera and
television actors, rock and rap musicians.  It is so odd to have a
sea of faces vying  for your attention and then having to choose  
between  Mark Wahlberg and Ashton Kutcher.

Getting a drink in the exclusive nightclubs of Los Angeles and New
York can be a humbling experience for even the most  famous superstar.   
One soap opera actor once told me that he would be so nervous
when approaching me to order a drink for fear that he would forget
what he wanted and then be passed over.  Though I can't remember
them all, below is a list of some of my many celebrity encounters,

-Kellie Nicholson
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Will i. am. from Black-Eyed Peas- I must mention him first, because he is one of my very favorites.  Always a
perfect gentleman and loves to drink Kir Royales, which are made of Chambord raspberry liqueur.   He even
called to bring me Thanksgiving dinner after cooking at his mother's house!
The Simpson Family (Ashlee, Jessica, Tina and Joe)-I had the privilege and honor of bartending at a party
for Ashlee's birthday at her parent's beautiful home.  Heaven help the person who says anything but the
kindest words about any one of these wonderful people to me.  I told my mother that I felt as if I was at one of
my aunt's homes, because they were so warm and welcoming.  Ashlee and Jessica are very charming and
well-bred young ladies.  They are both stunning in person with impeccable manners.  Tina and Joe are two of
the most down-to-earth, warm people in Hollywood.  They are all absolutely unaffected by their money, fame
and status.  Good people!
Cris Judd-THE NICEST!  The first time I waited on him, he gave me his credit card, shook my hand and
introduced himself.  He was always very polite and I can see why Jennifer Lopez fell for him.
Drew Barrymore-She couldn't be sweeter and more normal.  Just a girl out to have some fun.  When I asked
her to put out her cigarette, she gave a little giggle and immediately complied.  Though in a group, she
ordered the drinks for everyone, paid and tipped nicely, too.
Mark McGrath-Almost too pretty to be real.  Seems like one of the guys, with no attitude.
Mark Wahlberg-On a very busy night he hung over the bar with money in his hand to get my attention.  When
I finally got to him, instead of being snotty about the wait, his comment was, "Damn, you're good!"  He hung
around the bar like anyone else and truly seemed unaware of his superstar, hunk status.
Damon Wayans-This guy couldn't be nicer!
Tara Reid-Adorable little party girl!  Sweet!
Ashton Kutcher-The first time he was with Britney Murphy, who looked like a little doll.  He's another one who
is far too good-looking, but oblivious to his hunk status.  Another time he was buying Nikki Hilton a drink, as I
lectured both of them about drinking and driving.  They must have thought I was such a grandma!
Vince Vaughn-He is quite the partier and this night was one of his best.  The promoter bought
his drink, but he courteously dug a crumpled bill out of his pocket and thanked me.  He is very tall and, as I
described to my sister, he has that element of danger that makes girls melt in his hands.
David Schwimmer-He and a few of his "friends" frequented my bar, so I became familiar with what they drink
and always welcomed them with a smile.  Honestly, this guy seems like he just wants to be regular.  He
seems like a guy every girl would die to have.
Gabrielle Union-I had no idea who she was, but while I was talking with her all I could think was that her skin
was so beautiful.  She is always beautiful in her movies, but if it's possible, she is even more stunning in
person and sooooooooooooo sweet!
David Spade-He came to me and asked if I could help him to get a table.  I think that he felt uncomfortable, so
I immediately got him seated and soon he was at ease.  
Minnie Driver-I didn't recognize her, though she was absolutely stunning.  Sometimes you see celebrities and
you just don't associate that they are famous people that you see on television and in movies.  She asked
where I got my "trousers" and we exchanged compliments as girls do and introduced ourselves to each other.
When she said that her name was Minnie, then I realized who this nice person was.
Eva Longoria-This was before she was a desperate housewife and married to Tony Parker.  She was a doll
then, too!
Bill Maher-I waited on him at two different bars.  He seems very serious, but nice, and both times he was with
Bob Saget.   
Bob Saget-He's very tall and also seemed a little on the serious side, but so nice.
Mario Lopez-He asked for one more round of shots for his group after last call.  I gave in, since there was still
Rose McGowan-Absolutely beautiful with no attitude!
Dave Navarro-Politely ordered a bottle of water, paid, tipped, gone.
Dennis Rodman-Larger than life, very nice, looking for fun!
Kirsty Hume-Very tall, very skinny.  I would never have known that she was a supermodel if she hadn't paid
with a credit card.  She was beautiful, but it was another one of those times that I couldn't connect the famous
person to reality.
Jerry O'Connell-He is tall and so handsome.  Seems very nice and polite.
Esai Morales-Waited on him many, many years ago and then again recently.  Seems very nice.
Pauley Perrette-I waited on Pauley many times before she was famous.  She was blonde at that time, tall,
gorgeous and sweet as pie.  Seriously sweet and stunning!
Jake Busey-Nice, polite, very sexy.
Chastity Bono-It was open bar, so no money was being exchanged.  After so politely ordering her cocktail,
she pulled a tip out of her purse and gently laid it on the bar.  She seems like a dear soul.
David Lee Roth-This was a few years back.  Someone needs to tell him that the party's over.
Duff McKagan-At the peak of Guns and Roses' success this bass player seemed absolutely oblivious to his
rock star status.  He was quite a drinker and one of my best customers.  So sweet!
Stephen Pearcy-Speaking of rock stars from the 80s, this guy is very sexy and a good tipper.  Not at all a
Dave Grohl-I had no idea who he was until I was told.  He was very nice and polite.
Johnny Reznik-So cute and very sweet!
Tommy Lee-He's hard not to notice.  So cool and very nice.
Jani Lane-Though Warrant was a huge band in the 80s, I never really thought of him as being famous,
because he was always so nice and down-to-earth.  Even at their peak, the guys from Warrant hung out at
the bar where I worked and they were all humble and cool.  Jani was a dear soul who will be remembered by
Liza Minelli-I waited on her at a secret, exclusive bar in New York.  I can't remember who it was, but she was
with another famous person.
John Stamos-Okay, I never waited on him, but was invited to a party at his house where he served me.  When
he approached to offer me a drink, I requested a glass of white zinfandel, which I explained is actually a pink
wine.  He was so cute tearing through his stock of liquor to find me a pink wine.  He's a great host and very
much a gentleman.
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