LA Harbor College
LA Valley College
These classes are the most thorough and effective bartending courses you will find.  Using the "Master
Code of Mixology"
this program is designed to turn the novice into a professional as quickly as possible.  
Many classes claim to be complete, but knowing all about the history of liquor is not going to make you any
money.  The classes below will train you everything you need to know to be a successful bartender.  

Course creator, Kellie Nicholson, spent 30 years bartending in more than 70 bars and restaurants all over
the USA with over 30 years in the bar business.  Always working at several bars at the same time, taking on
the busiest shifts and often working in management positions, Kellie Nicholson has unparalleled experience
in the beverage industry.  

You will be taught her techniques and secrets for speed, pouring and guest relations.  Her tips on customer
psychology, sales skills and bar etiquette are also invaluable information.  In the classroom, you will be
taught how to pour shots with a variety of exercises that you can continue to perfect at home and you will
learn all you need to know to be a real pro.  Additionally, the course addresses alternative careers and ways
to make money in the beverage industry and how to start your own bartending service.  

These courses have become so popular that Kellie has trained instructors from coast to coast.  Hyacinth
Noble, a former star student and bartender will be teaching the Southern California courses.  Using the
"Master Code of Mixology" techniques, you will participate in activities, hands-on practice and training
to perfect your skills even after the class ends.  You will have access to online resources and invaluable
material to refer to throughout your career.
Home Course
East LA College
Santa Ana College
The world is changing, are you prepared? Even the greatest class on starting a business, how to
attract your soul-mate or where to invest your money won't help you, if your personal issues are
standing in the way of  your success.  Before you do anything else, you must explore how YOU are
contributing to your lack of happiness.  

The desire to be great, to reach our goals or to be loved is often stifled by our own lack of personal
awareness.   Using her experience as an entrepreneur, business consultant and life coach, Kellie
Nicholson will share with you her techniques for success in the most crucial areas of life. You may
hope to make more money or to lose weight, but erroneous thinking could be misguiding your efforts,
so success will continue to elude you.

This interactive workshop is a fun way to bond with friends, heal relationships, find your purpose and
change your life.
Don’t let life happen 2 you!  Make it happen 4 you!
Find Your Excellence
Success Skills for Life
LA City College
Rio Hondo College
Santa Monica College
Now you can take the class, The Business of Bartending, the Easy Way, anywhere in the world from a
respected California college.  Just like the classroom course, this online class will teach you all aspects
of the beverage industry, including detailed cocktail-making procedures, pouring the perfect shot using
"the tail," resumes, employment, how to start your own bartending service, job interviews and where to
look for a job.  Upon completion of the course, you will be prepared to work behind any bar with all of
the knowledge and tools to build your confidence.   A certificate will be awarded upon completion of the
course and those who score a 90% or above will receive the Master's Certificate of Excellence.
Bar Bizz Training
City College of San Francisco
Citrus College
Bartending the Easy Way Online Class Schedule,  $150 - $159
*Fee includes manual, for more information, click here.
San Joaquin Delta College
Citrus College
Fee includes manual, recipe cards, cheat sheet, jigger, pour spout and shipping charges.
College of the Dessert
Palomar College
JER Group (JER Online)-national online college courses
Cerritos College
LA Harbor College
Glendale College
LA Valley College
Golden West  College
Professional Bar Management Online Class, $100*
There is no more thorough or effective course.  All students who complete the course will receive the
Professional Bartending Certificate with testing for the Master's Certificate of Excellence and the SAR
Online Workshop   $50
Receive a new lesson each week for 6 weeks.  
To sign up, go to
The Business of Bartending Class Schedule
Telephone:  (818) 430-0738
Turn Your Ideas into Cash
brainstorm your way to financial freedom
Get off the couch and learn how to turn your ideas into cash!  Starting your own business doesn't have to be difficult These
economic times have created fear about the future, but what most people don't realize is that this is a great time for individuals
to take matters into their own hands.

Whether you are happily employed or struggling financially, you will learn the steps to even greater prosperity in this workshop.  
This course includes exercises that will help you outline your idea into the form of a business.  The information is easy to
comprehend and very motivational.  Even teenagers will walk away with inspiration and the know-how to start a business.

You will also learn what all successful people know and that is the secrets of sales.  Like him or not, Donald Trump is a
successful salesperson.  He knows it's not enough to have a great product or unique talent, you must also know how to
generate interest and then seal the deal.  Successful people not only know how to sell their product, they also know how to
make the customer happy about the purchase!
Online Workshop, $25
Receive a new lesson for 6 days.  
To sign up, go to
West LA College
Irvine Valley College
Riverside Community College
Nobleza Tequila
(310) 434-3400
(310) 660-6460
(307) 778-1236
(562) 467-5050
(714) 895-0800
(818) 719-6425
(562) 908-3469
(323) 953-4000, x 2651
Bar Bizz the business of hospitality
Picture yourself behind the bar!
Almost every business or type of employment involves
yourself, a service or a product, you need to know the
principles of sales.  If you want to close the deal, then you
need to know the steps to outsmart the competition.  

When you finish this workshop, you will be on the road to
success with a fully developed idea for your own business
and specific sales and marketing techniques.  If you are in
a sales position, if you want to supplement your income or
if you have your own business, take this course to learn
the secrets to success!
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El Camino College
Bartending the Easy Way Class Schedule
Same information and certification, less class-time, more homework, online quiz.  $150*
(310) 233-4000
(323) 265-8793
Class Schedules
*Fees include manual, recipe cards, jigger, pour spouts,
activities, digital flash cards, tests and certificates.
Pierce College
*Fees include manual, recipe cards, jigger, pour spouts,
activities, digital flash cards, tests and certificates.
City College of San Francisco