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Posing with a "Rabbit" and a "Bunny" at
the Playboy Club in New York CIty
Kellie works as a
"Playboy Bunny."
USFL  Orlando Renegades'
"Cheerleader of the Year"
AC, Kellie and Kat pose in
their tailor-made uniforms
at an exclusive party for
Madonna in Los Angeles.
Having also  been a Playboy Bunny  (the
waitress with ears and a tail) in Columbus,
Ohio, Kellie was hired as a bartender at the
new Playboy Empire Club in New York City.
This was the first and last  Playboy Club
that employed "rabbits," the male version of
the "bunnies."  The elite of New York City's  
modeling and acting youth were hired.  Many
went on to be successful models, actors and
musicians. Though  Kellie loved New York
City and her job at the Playboy Empire Club,
she could not endure another winter in the
Finally, Kellie landed in Los Angeles to drink in  the warmth of the California sun.  To her surprise, she struggled
to find a bartending  job.  The owner of one very popular restaurant even laughed at her when applying for a
bartending position and said that he would let her be a cook.  Her feelings were hurt, but her resolve was greater.
She knew that she had already proven herself at some of the country's most successful nightclubs and she was
very surprised that Los Angeles seemed to have such antiquated attitudes towards the thought of a  female
bartender.  Though she wasn't about to give up, she was shocked when  she was hired at possibly the most
successful, celebrity-packed nightclub ever in Los Angeles, Vertigo.
Brothers Jim and Nick Colachis, creators of the popular Highlands
Nightclub, and Mario Oliver, who dated Princess Stephanie of Monaco
at the time, were the power-house promoters of Vertigo. They changed
the entire nightclub scene in  Los Angeles.  Within months, the owners
built a bar designed by Kellie and placed her front and center of  the
nightclub.  She gleefully had cracked the boys' club of bartenders in Los
Angeles and was noted as the first  female nightclub bartender in Los
Angeles.  Though she denies that this may or may not be true, she
certainly does remember the discrimination she experienced when first  
seeking employment in Los Angeles.
For 25 years Kellie worked in the nightclubs, bars and restaurants of Los Angeles
alongside some of "the  most phenomenal people."   She says that bartending has
given her the opportunity to pursue many dreams, including working at William Morris
Agency (one of Hollywood's most powerful entertainment agencies).  She also graduated
from the two-year program of the study of Meisner at the Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown
Acting Studio, where Dustin Hoffman spoke at the graduation ceremony.  Then she
played the role of Kelly, secretary to the revered Deidre Hall, for two years on the daytime
soap opera, "Days of Our Lives."  See video here:  

Kellie has also been in various management positions from early on in her career, but
always gravitated towards the fast pace of bartending.  Having  been a popular face
in the bartending community for so many years,  Kellie is often called upon for her
expertise as a bar consultant.  Through Bar Bizz consulting company, she trains bar
staff and bar owners all over Southern  California, setting the highest standards for
the industry. The bartender turned cocktail coach uses simple methods of instruction
that can turn anyone into a professional.

Her wealth of knowledge is invaluable and has helped many novices understand a
business that is like no other.   Her classes have been successful for the past 15 years
and sometimes have a waiting list.   Now working with
JER Group, Kellie's series of
bartending classes are offered online at colleges nationwide.

Achieving her ultimate career goal, Kellie created her own company, Grandma Gillie's
which began with Grandma Gillie's Gourmet Goodies®, making cookies, cakes and
sweets for many television  shows. Then, she went on to write the children's book,
Grandma Gillie's Lessons of Love.  The latest branch of her company and, thus far,
the most successful is  Grandma Gillie's Greetings®, a line of greeting cards and
magnets.  Additionally, she took over Cards With A Heart (
www.cardswithaheart.com), a
company known nationally, which prints greeting cards and offers other fund raisers for
nonprofit organizations.

As a motivational speaker, Kellie has been asked to speak before groups and also holds
life-changing seminars (
www.findyourexcellence.com) at local Los Angeles colleges.  She
was surprised when one of the stars of a popular soap opera showed up at one of her
classes.  Using her life coaching experience she has also created a premium workshop
called "
Find Your Excellence."  Often called a "tough cookie,"  Kellie says that she is most
proud of her ability to survive in a business that tried to oust her from  the beginning and
was once strictly a man's world.  Discrimination, physical knocks, verbal abuse and sexual
harassment didn't stop Kellie Nicholson from following her heart.   Now she takes great
pleasure in helping others do the same.

Update:   Kellie Nicholson has composed a collection of stories in a book titled
Tales of the
, written by women who have used fierce courage to overcome great challenges and
obstacles (
Kellie Nicholson began to work as a cocktail waitress for extra money while
attending the Ohio State University on an academic scholarship.   When offered
a position as a bartender in a new nightclub about to open, she refused, stating
that it was a "boy's job."  After being promised that it was a better job and that
she would make more money, Kellie agreed to give it a try.  The idea of female
bartenders was still quite novel at that time, but Kellie excelled and found that she
loved the job.  Suffering from insomnia, this type of employment also suited her
sleeping habits.  

At 22, she moved to Orlando, Florida and secured a job at the popular nightclub,
J.J. Whispers. There, she was also a professional cheerleader for the USFL
Orlando Renegades, a now defunct football league that propelled the careers
of greats like Doug Flutie.  During that first season of the new league, Kellie was  
also named "Cheerleader of the Year" and  featured in magazines, television
commercials and the local TV show, PM MAGAZINE.  The recognition flowed
over into her night-time employment, where she was often asked to sign autographs.
Being a female bartender was still a new thing and she found in Orlando, frowned
upon  by her male co-workers. Not one to cower when challenged, Kellie held her
own and eventually won over her peers to become respected as an equal before
she moved on to New York City.
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People always want to know how I got started bartending, especially when I went to college on an academic scholarship.  Well,
I asked a bartender friend of mine to put my story into words and below is a summary of what she came up with.   Read on, if you
care.   Try not to laugh at the pictures.  I thought I looked good at the time.  --- Kellie
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