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"Bartending the Easy Way"
also known as
"The Business of Bartending"
Online Course
Quick and Easy!  Many people like to take a course of this type in the comfort of their own
home, while some just  prefer to learn without the pressure of having others around.
"Bartending the Easy Way" online course will teach you everything you need to begin
working as a bartender at your own pace while you have a blast!  "Bartending the Easy
Way" is not just a bartending course, it's also a bar business course.

Setting beverage industry standards, Kellie Nicholson uses her branded method of
instruction, the
“Master Code of Mixology™.”  This practical and effective system
of training is sweeping the industry and updating old ways of thinking.  Professional
bartending requires so much more than knowing how to put ice in a glass and adding
the proper ingredients.  This class will prepare you to be a great salesperson, a customer
service expert and an honest and valuable employee, skills that will help you succeed in
the real world of bartending and throughout life.  The lessons taught are extremely
beneficial to managers, waitresses and novice bartenders, also.

You will be taught in detail how to practice making cocktails on your own.  You don’t
need to learn a bunch of recipes that you will never use.  Other topics included are
glassware, tools, recipes, pouring the perfect shot using the “tail,” bar terms, wine and
champagne service, martinis, high-volume sales techniques, laws, responsible beverage
service, job interviews and resumes.  Additionally, this course will teach you to start your
own bartending service and also alternative ways to make money in the beverage industry.

*In order to maintain the high quality of standards for bartenders who take this course,
you will take 5 quizzes.  Once this testing is complete, your Professional Bartending
Certificate will be delivered digitally.  Those who score a total of 90% or above will be
awarded the Master's Certificate of Excellence, which can be listed on your resume
to distinguish your superior performance.  This course also includes additional testing
for Serving Alcohol Responsibly in California, with certification for those who pass.  

The $100 course includes all information, but the format is entirely online, while the
$150 package includes a manual full of everything you need to know, pour spouts
and a jigger to practice pouring your shots, flash cards with the drink recipes and a
cheat sheet with popular recipes in alphabetical order all on one sheet.  You may
also ask questions at any time via email.
Cheat Sheet
Laminated sheet with
top100 drink recipes.
This cheat sheet should
be behind every bar.
$3 each
Bar Etiquette
Hang this humorous list
of rules for your guests
behind the bar.
Laminated sheet of
rules for patrons
only $3
digital format
all information is online
digital format,
includes course manual, jigger,
recipe flash cards, pour spouts,
USA shipping
1 1/2 oz./3/4 oz.
$3 each
$2 shipping
Pour Spout
May come in clear
or red, as pictured
$2 each
10 / $12
25 / $20
$2 shipping
Kellie Nicholson proudly announces her partnership with bar expert, Kyle Branche, to offer
premium online bartending and bar management courses  Check out
Bar Professional to
see what they have in store for you!
The hospitality industry continues to grow each year, creating a demand for skilled
managers. One challenge facing bar and restaurant owners and managers is that most hospitality
programs are long-term and expensive. This is due to the wide range of
subject material, much of which is never applied in the real world. Thus, too many
managers go without any formal training and often find themselves overwhelmed on
the job.

For those who own a bar, those who want to enter the field of management or for
bartenders who want to be an expert on the business, Professional Bar Management
is a must.  This practical and effective method of instruction is sweeping the industry
and updating old ways of thinking.   If you are serious about the bar business, this
course will expand your knowledge into areas of management that include inventory,
profits, employees, customer service and staff issues.  

Managing a bar or restaurant can be an overwhelming experience.  The physical,
emotional and mental demands are extreme.  This class will teach you simple ways to
handle difficult situations with unhappy customers and employees, the duties of each
employee, and key factors which are vital to a successful business.  New bar owners will
find the course is a complete guide to understanding the mechanics of each particular
job and the skills to lead a loyal and productive team.  You will also learn ways to build
customer relations and to promote sales for maximum profits.  Unlike long-term,
expensive hospitality programs, this course is simplified and easy to comprehend.  
You will not waste time learning useless information.

Many common myths cause the downfall of even the most popular bars and restaurants.
Theft, poor management and lack of knowledge also greatly contribute to failure.
Everyone knows that in the restaurant industry the bulk of profits can come from
beverage sales. Professional Bar Management teaches you how to maximize profits
by raising sales and cutting costs in ways beyond the typical and obvious routes. You
will also learn ways to build customer relations, how to deal with your vendors and
alternative ways to generate revenues.

Kellie Nicholson has condensed thirty years of experience into a course that will give
you the skills to manage your bar like a professional.  She will teach you the basics
that will put you on the road to understanding the unique factors of the bar business.  
Kellie has been hired to train bar employees all over the Los Angeles area and also
consults with bars and restaurants in many areas of the business.  Her bartenders are
well-known for their superior performance and she has trained many experienced
managers and bar owners.

Upon completion of the course you will receive a Professional Certificate for bar management.  
Flash Cards
65 most popular
cocktail recipes
Why learn recipes that
you won't use?
$5 each set
Cocktail Recipe Contest
Win bar-related prizes!
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"Bartenders do
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Martini Mug
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This course combines the two above.  Starting with "Bartending the Easy Way," Kellie
Nicholson will teach you what goes on behind the bar, the hub of all sales.  There are
many bartending courses, which fail to prepare bar staff for the real world of bartending,
concentrating only on the cocktails.  This course includes all aspects of working behind
the bar.  The management section prepares managers to operate a professional and
profitable establishment.

The few management courses you will find are either too vague or they are long-term,
expensive and include information that is useless.  The history of liquor and the process
of distillation may be interesting topics, but knowing this information will not help your
bar generate more revenues. Also, if inventory systems are too complicated and time-
consuming, other things will be neglected or there will be no record-keeping at all.  
Kellie's method is designed to keep things simple for the independent bar manager.  

*Upon completion of the course, you will receive a
Professional Bartending Certificate
and also one for
Bar Management.  Those who score 90% or above on the quizzes will
also receive the
Master’s Certificate of Excellence.  This course also includes additional
testing for
Serving Alcohol Responsibly in California, with certification for those who pass.
"Professional Bar Management"
Online Course
"Professional Bar Management"
Master's Online Course
*This course combines "Bartending the Easy Way"
and "Professional Bar Management"
USA shipping included
USA shipping included
USA shipping included
USA shipping included
*You will receive log in information within 24 hours of payment.
Questions?  Call (818) 430-0738.
Call (818) 430-0738
For more
Call (818) 396-5477
Call (818) 430-0738
"This class was great!  I
was so surprised that I
could learn everything I
needed to know to work
as a bartender in such
a short time!--Carol
"I have been a
bartender for two
years and this class
showed me that I
was doing some
things wrong.  
Thank you!"---Katie
"The materials are
very impressive!"
The Business of Bartending Course Manual
FREE shipping
"Though I've been a bar
manager for two years, I  
learned lots of new ways
to handle difficult
situations that really
work!  Thanks!"--George
Excellent bartending
course.  I learned about
business, psychology
and customer service
tips.  This class was
"Way beyond my
El Camino College
The manual was full
of great information
and I learned so
much.  It was very
informative and well
thought out and put
together.  This class
The lessons I learned in
this course will apply in
any job I ever do.  Kellie
not only teaches about  
the business of
bartending, but about the
business of life!  I also
loved that I could work at
my own pace.--Martin
Telephone:  (818) 430-0738
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Professional Bar Management Course Manual
full-color manual in three-ring binder
full-color manual in three-ring binder.
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"I wanted to thank you for
the great time I had taking
the bartending course... I
learned a lot and had fun
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