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The  season of  cool  sips  has  finally  arrived.    Just beware-those colorful cocktails can pack a
hefty  caloric  punch.   One  monster  margarita  or  pina colada  has 600 calories.  Green-apple
martinis typically contain at least  250  calories each, and one cosmopolitan  (A Sex and the City
regular) weighs in at 200.  Sure, light beers and wines are a 100-calorie bargain, but they're not
the most chic.  For a less fattening but trendy drink,  Hollywood  bartender  Kellie Nicholson
recommends  a  bellini.   It's  made  with  4  oz  champagne  and  1/2  oz  peach  schnapps  for a
135-calorie total.  That's a drink we'll toast to.   --Virginia Gilbert
Golden West College
Santa Ana College
SELF Magazine, June 2001
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