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Our training seminars teach staff:  

These seminars run from 2 - 4 hours for managers, bartenders,
barbacks, waitresses, busboys and other staff.   We will also
teach you how to train future employees and the basics of    
customer service and hospitality.  This important information
will assure you greater profits and contribute to the longevity
of your business.

Additionally, we offer services to establish simple inventory
control and sales  promotions.   We will also perform
confidential employee evaluations.
We offer independent bar & restaurant owners and managers affordable assistance with the opening of their
new establishments.  Additionally, we provide solutions to problems for those who have already opened  the doors
for business.  One of the biggest mistakes bar owners make is thinking that they know the bar business when they
have never worked as a  bartender (the hub of all sales) or have never even worked in a bar.   Another common
regret is in spending hundreds of thousands of dollars without hiring a consultant for guidance.  This nominal
investment is crucial in avoiding costly mistakes.

Many inexperienced bar owners and managers are also unaware of the value of qualified staff.  Success in the
bar business is not only about beautiful decor, but also relies on smiling faces and excellent service.  The
intangibles, like bar consultants and trained staff are the most important factors in a successful establishment.  
Neglect of these vital aspects often results in failure.   Trusting the limited knowledge of frequent bar patrons for
information is also an unwise decision.   Bar patrons are not experts on functions of the bar business.   
Additionally, simply relying on celebrities to bring in the numbers will also assure ultimate failure, if the business
is not managed properly.  That's why celebrity-filled nightclubs do not last when treated as a party, rather than a

Ultimately, ego is the biggest reason for failure.  We do not cater to egos, we create effective operations.  If you
are serious, we are here to help, but if you just want your ego stroked, please don't call us.  As a service to the
industry, our fees are extremely reasonable, but we prefer to help only those who are open to our guidance.

Our company’s team of professionals each has up to 30 years of experience in many establishments.   Each
specialist is an expert in their field who can give you not only one great solution to each situation, but several.
The programs we offer are sure to lead you to greater success and profits.   With your budget in mind, we offer
our services on an  as-needed  basis.  You  may  choose  the services you require from our menu below.   Then,
call (818) 396-5477 for your telephone consultation.
-how to upsell
-to eliminate waste
-how to make tips honestly
-ways to make customers want to return
-the importance of keeping a clean bar
-to respect their working tools
Cerritos College
East LA College
Santa Ana College
5.  Cocktail Menu-$100 per page (7-10 recipes per page), 3 page minimum
4.  Price Points-5 Hours, $750 (consultation and manual on disc)
A.  Profit Margins
B.  Competition Comparisons
C.  Raising Revenues
A.  Leadership
B.  Staff Issues
C.  Difficult Customers
D.  Hosting
A.  Product Choices
B.  Tracking Procedures
C.  Training
3.  Inventory-5 Hours, $750 (set-up of liquor inventory and supplies on disc)
2.  Management Training-2 Hours, $500 (live seminar and manual on disc)
A.  Special Customers
B.  Difficult Customers
C.  Making Tips Honestly
D.  Service with a Smile
1.  Staff Training-2 Hours, $500 (live seminar and manual on disc)
A.  POS Systems
B.  Accounting
C.  Payroll
8.  Finances-4 Hours, $1,000 (consultation and manual on disc)
A.  DJ
B.  Outside Promoters
C.  Special Events (Birthdays, etc.)
D.  Flyers
7.  Promotions-2 Hours, $500 (consultation and manual on disc)
A.  Table Service
B.  Kitchen Etiquette
C.  Sanitation
10.  Bottle Service-1 Hour, $300 (live instruction and manual on disc)
A.  Door Hosts
B.  Security Procedures
C.  Safety
11.  Licenses-$ as needed
9.  Security-2 Hours, $300 (live seminar and manual on disc)
A.  Proper Wine Service
B.  Proper Champagne Service
C.  Liquor Bottle Service
D.  Tea Service-$100
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Rio Hondo College
Santa Monica College
Riverside Community College
San Joaquin Delta College
El Camino College
College of the Dessert
Does your bar staff waste alcohol?
Is your staff selling less than they could?
Do your employees neglect to clean?
Is your restaurant disorganized?
Do your employees argue with each  other?
Do your employees have long faces?
Are your doormen rude?

The right knowledge increases sales.
A different point of view improves attitudes.
Informed leadership creates smiles and   
harmony.  The proper tools eliminate waste
and facilitate service.  A little coaching makes
a winning team.

Training is essential for increased sales,
smiling faces and peak productivity.
Bar Bizz Consulting
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JER Group (JER Online)-national online college courses
LA Harbor College
Golden West College
Glendale College
LA Valley College
6.  Dining Service-2 Hours, $300 (manual on disc)
Telephone:  (818) 430-0738
LA City College
Chaffey College
West LA College
Palomar College
Citrus College
Irvine Valley College
Bar Bizz the business of hospitality
Nobleza Tequila
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Beverage Industry vs.
Restaurant Business
The beverage industry and the
restaurant business are very
different entities.  Many
managers confuse the two,
forgetting that the first
objective is to know what the
customers want.  Though a
restaurant may have a
successful bar, there are still
different approaches to
marketing and managing the
establishment.  That's where
many hospitality programs are
lacking, as they concentrate
on the restaurant aspect, but
they have no idea how to
manage and promote a bar.

Guests come to eat.
They may have a cocktail, a
beer or a glass of wine.

Guests come to meet.
They have a cocktail or 2,
or 3 or even 9.
Bar / Restaurant Consulting
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